Step 4. Select hand tools.

Research 5 hand tools used in the construction industry. Select tools from a range of activities (e.g. dont use 4 different types of hammer). Record your research by downloading the select hand tools worksheet. **here**Save it and then complete it by filling in each part of the table. Upload your completed worksheet to your wiki so that it can be located as a piece of evidence.


Step 5. Use hand tools.

During the progress of your work on the Sawhorse, the Concrete Slab and other tasks you will use tools safely and efficiently. Record evidence to show that. Show evidence of your competence with 5 hand tools. You may choose to use a video or a captioned photograph. Study the video to see an example.

Upload the evidence to your wiki. Label it clearly with TEdem and the name of the equipment. (e.g TEdem_claw_hammer).This link will show you how by uploading to