Step 6. Select Plant and Equipment.

Research 5 items of Plant & Equipment used in the Construction Industry.
Plant and Equipment is the term used for a wide range of machines that are powered by electricity or petrol or batteries. The term includes unpowered equipment like scaffolds or ladders.
Go to Kennards website **here** to find all the different types of construction plant & equipment available
Select 5 items that interest you from a range of activities. Choose 1 item from each of the following categories;1. Materials handling 2. Concrete3. Jackhammers4. Pumps5. Saws Record your research by downloading the select plant and equipment worksheet. **here**Save it and then complete it by filling in each part of the table. Upload your completed worksheet to your wiki so that it can be located as a piece of evidence.

Step 7. Use Plant & Equipment.

During the progress of your work on the Sawhorse, the Concrete Slab and other tasks you will use plant and equipment safely and efficiently. Record evidence to show that. Show evidence of your competence with:a laser levela compressor and air powered toola ladderand any 2 other items you have used.You may choose to use a video like this (only better)

or a captioned photograph

Upload the evidence to your wiki. Label it clearly with TE 3 Use Plant & Equipment and the name of the equipment. (e.g TEdem_staple_gun).